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Don't Take My Word For It - Honey & Hive Products Can Improve Your Health!

Is Comb Honey Healthy?

Comb honey is one of the purest honey products from the hive. Theoretically, you can get the honey straight from the cells where the bees stored the honey. In reality, cells are broken in the harvesting and handling process. But, you are getting the purest available, with nothing filtered out.

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Can You Eat Honeycomb? Benefits, Uses, and Dangers



Is your grocery store "honey" really honey?

Research has shown that most honey in the grocery store is not pure honey. What impact does that have on your health? It depends; the health impact could range from missing out on important health benefits to exposing yourself to potentially hazardous contaminants.

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Tests Show Most Store Honey Isn't Honey

By Andrew Schneider on November 7, 2011


How bad could your honey bee?

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Watch the Dramatic Trailer for Netflix’s New Food Documentary Series ‘Rotten’


The first installment of this series is titled “Lawyers, Guns, and Honey." See for yourself!

Heart of Texas Honey Recycling

Honey from Heart of Texas Honey is in containers that are recycled/recyclable. We welcome the return of used containers. They will be cleaned, sterilized and used again. Because of the cost of new lids, there is no financial incentive given to customers who choose to return the jars (the new lids cost almost as much as a jar with a lid).